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Scrolling Test

Learn at Home kits and online resources provide parents with the tools to play together, read together, and learn together while maintaining your physical and mental health.


Explore our resources below for learning at home with infants, toddlers, and youth.

Infant Learning at Home Booklets & Resources

Download our Infant Learning at Home Booklet and learn together at home with your Kidango@Home Backpacks!

Enjoy additional resources below!

Building Early Language Skills

Learning About Themselves

  • Body Awareness: “Babies discover different body parts and become very interested in their feet and hands.”
  • Satin Streamers: “This pleasing sensory experience makes children aware of the sense of touch and enhances their curiosity and persistence in reaching for the streamers.”

Developing Emotions and Relationships

  • Building Brain Connections

    Becoming Mobile

    • Napkin Tent: This activity gives infants practice in the instinctive skill of grasping something when the palm of the hand touches it. This can be quite exciting to babies because they are making something happen.
    • Reach So High: “This activity allows children to practice reaching and batting at objects.”

Toddler Learning at Home Booklets & Resources

Download our Toddler Learning at Home Booklet  and learn together at home with your Kidango@Home Backpacks!

Enjoy additional resources below!

Expanding Relationships

Complex Brain Connections

  • Got Rhythm?: Scroll through this resource for “We Will Rock You” to sharpen your toddler’s mental processing. 
  • Animal Cams: The field trip comes to you! You can see elephants in Bali and Sea Otters right here in the bay!
  • Pom Pom Pouring: The mathematical concepts of quantity, volume, and categories meets fine and gross motor development.
  • Healthy Activities: Fun activities to do from home that focus on mindfulness, movement, and nutrition.

Pre-K Learning at Home Booklets & Resources

Download our Learning at Home Booklet 1 & Learning at Home Booklet 2 and learn together at home. Or preview the learning kit below.

Additional support for Care and Prevention, Emotional Well Being, and Learning from Home are available at:

This portal includes ReadyRosie videos of learning activities that can be done at home, along with the related LearningGames and Mighty Minutes from Creative Curriculum (found under the “learning at home” tab). The videos, Mighty Minutes and LearningGames can be accessed on a laptop, computer, or mobile device. All of the content is available in English and Spanish.

Exercising their Brains

Learning About Community

Learning through Play

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