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Successful Legislation

Two young children in a Kidango preschoolWe have sponsored state legislation that benefits young children, families, child care workers, preschool programs and child care centers.


In 2022, we sponsored:

Assembly Bill 22 (McCarty), in partnership with Early Edge California and California School Employees Association. The bill requires the collection of student enrollment in transitional kindergarten (TK) programs separate from kindergarten enrollment in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS);
local education agencies (LEA) to report TK staffing data through CALPADS annually; and
LEA-based California State Preschool Program providers report staffing data through CALPADS.

Assembly Bill 2806 (Rubio), in partnership with Black Men for Educational Equity, Santa Clara County Office of Education, and California Department of Education. The bill prohibits the expulsion or unenrollment of a child from the state preschool program and a general childcare and development program and a family childcare home education network. This bill updates the definition of early childhood mental health consultation service, revises the requirements relating to the nature and frequency of the consultation service provided, and expands the types of mental health professionals who can provide the consultation service, as specified. The bill would require, among other things relating to the consultants, the contracting agency to ensure, within the first 30 days upon hire or start of consultation service, that a consultant has specified training.

Senate Bill 1047 (Limon) in partnership with EveryChild California and Early Edge. The bill extends eligibility for childcare and development programs and the preschool program to families in which a member of the family has been certified as eligible to receive benefits from certain means-tested government programs, including Medi-Cal and CalFresh, as specified, and would require those families to submit a self-certification of income for the purposes of prioritizing enrollment and calculating family fees. The bill extends the time a family is to be considered to meet all eligibility and need requirements for services to 24 months, except as specified, and would require the State Department of Social Services to implement that requirement through management bulletins or similar letters of instruction on or before December 1, 2023, and until regulations are adopted.

In 2018, we sponsored Assembly Bill 2698 (Rubio). AB 2698 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2018. A follow-up to 2017’s legislation, AB 2698 provides teachers with the most proven intervention to lower preschool expulsion: early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC). ECMHC empowers teachers with the knowledge of how to support children’s social-emotional development and promote positive behavior. The goal is not to simply lower preschool expulsions, but address the underlying issues that lead to it, thereby helping children be successful later in school and life.

In 2017, we sponsored Assembly Bill 752 (Rubio). AB 752 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2017. It bars state-subsidized preschool programs from expelling kids unless an exhaustive process aimed at supporting the child and family is followed first.

In 2016, we sponsored Assembly Bill 2368 (Gordon) in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education. AB 2368 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2016. It expands access and increases funding levels for State Preschool and other early learning programs for low-income families in Santa Clara county.

To read more about the legislation we sponsored that has become state law, click here.

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