Early Language, Literacy, and Math | Kidango

Early Language, Literacy, and Math

At Kidango, curious students become lifelong learners

Our learning philosophy is simple: ask. Asking leads to talking; talking leads to exploring. Our mission is to ensure your child remains curious. We do that by identifying what interests your child – what makes them excited, eager, breathless for the next lesson.


Creative Curriculum

Research shows that 3rd grade literacy is a major indicator of high school graduation. Through our implementation of Creative Curriculum, Kidango students interact with the lessons in very real ways. “Play time” has grown up.  When our students “play,” they are engaging in carefully-crafted lessons that support their cognitive development while building early language, literacy, and math skills. Children learn best through application and conversation. Every day, at each of our 50+ centers throughout the Bay Area, Kidango students are answering questions, solving problems, and developing the skills necessary to always stay curious about the world around them.

In addition to Creative Curriculum, we are also proud to be a part of SEEDS. For more information on SEEDS and our continuous quality improvement system, click here.

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