Our State-of-the-art Kitchen | Kidango

Our Kitchen

We take every child’s right to nutritious food very seriously.  So seriously that we built our own kitchen.


Meals prepared/day


Square foot commercial kitchen

Located in Kidango’s headquarters and opened in 2016, Kidango’s state-of-the-art kitchen is the hub of our Nutrition program.

The new energy-efficient appliances produce a lower carbon footprint and allow more flexibility and creativity in menu planning. Meals are delivered daily to all 50 Kidango child care centers by our Kidango Nutrition fleet.

Our Kitchen is licensed through the Alameda County Health Department and Environmental Health.  All staff hold ServSafe Manager Certifications and California Food Handler permits. USDA food safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.

This kitchen was made possible through the generosity of the Fremont Bank Foundation. We are deeply grateful to their commitment to community and applaud their efforts to ensure all children have access to healthy meals. 

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