The Impact of Quality Early Education | Kidango

The Kidango Difference

Our vision is that all children have the skills they need to be ready for success in school and life. Making this vision a reality is one of the greatest and most important challenges any community faces. Research shows that low income preschoolers are up to two years behind their upper income peers in early language and math development. It’s a primary reason why over half of California’s 3rd graders are not proficient in either language or math.

The Challenge

How do we help our children close the gap before starting school?

That is why we are working with experts from some of the best research universities in the world, including the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. Our goal is to understand what the most critical skills are that children need to learn, how teachers and parents can impart these skills, and then measure our success by looking at the growth each child makes throughout their preschool experience. This is our continuous quality improvement system, which is outlined in the circle below. Ultimately we want to know how our children do in 3rd grade, which is the first year California tests student proficiency in language and math. We want Kidango kids to show how it can be done!


Continuous QUALITY Improvement


Check out our evidence-based methodology – SEEDS of Learning – and how we’re using it to ensure continuous quality improvement.

Learn more about SEEDS

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