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Kidango Employee Emergency Program (KEEP)

We could not have predicted when the shelter-in-place mandate went into effect last year how COVID-19 would impact the lives of the children and families we serve and our 600+ Kidango staff. 

Our Kidango staff responded to this crisis in innovative ways to meet the new challenges faced by the children and families we serve by opening nine emergency centers for the children of medical providers fighting the virus, creating our distance learning program and delivering free books, games, and educational materials to our families’ homes, and starting a home delivery meal program for those families who no longer had access to the free meals provided at our centers.

As life continued during COVID, we learned that we had members of our Kidango staff who were facing their own challenges related to the pandemic. COVID-19 and the childcare crisis have shown like few other moments in time that caring for others can enact an enormous personal and emotional toll, one that is exacerbated by financial hardship. We heard from staff who were struggling financially as their family members lost jobs or were helping cover medical expenses for their family members who need caretaking. 

As one Kidango staff member shared with us:

“With COVID-19 impacting my entire household with compromised immune systems (I take care of my 72 year old dad and 63 year old mom and myself with Type I diabetes) this past year has made our medical bills and electricity/gas bills increase and has put a great stress on us. My parents have stayed home and have been needing a bit more heat and medical equipment throughout the year to keep them comfortable and in good health, especially for the colder seasons. My diabetes has been a roller coaster this past year due to the increased levels of stress and other factors, which in turn, negatively affects my blood sugar. The increased need for insulin and close monitoring of my condition has made a financial dent in my pocket. Any financial assistance would be more than greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.”

To address this increasing need for support, Kidango created our Kidango Employee Emergency Program (KEEP) to provide financial assistance to Kidango employees who are facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Through our KEEP program, Kidango employees most in need are eligible to receive $1,000 to help cover the cost of their rent, mortgage, utilities or medical bills.

We are able to provide these one-time grants for our staff most impacted by the pandemic thanks to the generous support of our donors and community members who care deeply about our community. 

By making a donation to our KEEP program, you will be helping our beloved and dedicated Kidango staff through this challenging time as they continue to make a difference in the lives of our communities most vulnerable children and families. 


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