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Early Intervention & Inclusion Services

Our early intervention and inclusion services (EIIS) provide for the special needs of children ages birth to five years with developmental delays, while also providing support to families.

Expert Intervention and Care

Our expert team of developmental specialists spend time with each child individually to identify the unique needs of every child served. Services are available at the family’s home and/or integrated into the classroom at our Kidango centers.



Children served with identified special needs


Age of children served through EIIS


Counties served

We proudly provide Early Intervention & Inclusion Services in a “natural environment” whenever possible, meaning the classroom is comprised of “typically-developing” children as well as children living with special needs. This inclusion approach assists in peer-to-peer learning, with all children learning from each other. Services are provided free of charge to all children enrolled in a Kidango classroom.

To learn more about our Early Intervention & Inclusion Services, please contact Celeste Flores at cflores@kidango.org or 510.602.5006.

Additional services are provided  to qualifying Regional Center clients. Click below for more information on the Regional Center in your county, and check out our handout for what to expect regarding the referral process.

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties: Regional Center of the East Bay

Santa Clara County: San Andreas Regional Center

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