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An engaged student is a successful student. At Kidango, we know learning is a lifelong endeavor, and your child is just starting the journey.

Lifelong Learning

Like all of Kidango’s programs, preschool is provided for free or at a significantly reduced rate to income-eligible families. This is made possible by funding from the California State Preschool Program and the federal Head Start program.



Counties served


Average teacher to student ratio


Average class size

Our full-day and part-day preschool programs (located in Alameda, Santa Clara, and Contra Costa counties) encourage curiosity, discovery, and a joy for learning.  Every child is treated as an individual with a unique learning style, and our curriculum centers on the interests of our students. Learn more about our research-based curriculum and methodology here.


  • Full and part day programs include healthy meals and snacks with no cost to parents.
  • All of our centers include outdoor play areas that meet state playground safety standards.
  • Each of our 50 child care centers throughout the Bay Area meet the highest safety standards required by the California Department of Education and child care licensing.
  • Our center directors and teachers are certified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


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