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SEEDS of Learning

Preparing Every Child to Be Ready to Read and Ready for School Success.

SEEDS of Learning is a relationship-based professional development program that provides educators, parents and caregivers with strategies to build social, emotional, language and literacy skills in young children, so they are ready to succeed in kindergarten. Less than half of low income students enter kindergarten with these skills, so the need for a strong and comprehensive support program is clear.

Supporting Teachers and Accelerating Progress

Kidango will not be satisfied until every child we serve enters kindergarten with the skills and enthusiasm to learn, and is successfully reading by third grade—one of the most important predictors for high school graduation and life success. By the 2018-19 school year, SEEDS of Learning will expand to all 300 Kidango pre-k educators.


Through SEEDS of Learning:

  • SEEDS coaches support teachers to provide the highest quality interactions with children, create the environments needed to learn, deliver curricula to early predictive skills, and collect, analyze and act on data.
  • Parents and caregivers get tips and materials on how to guide their child’s learning in fun and meaningful ways.

SEEDS of Learning engages teachers and families to give children the boost they need to enter kindergarten with the skills and enthusiasm to learn, and successfully read by third grade. It respects family culture and language, is adaptable for any classroom curriculum, and meets teachers’ classroom needs.

See our great results from implementing SEEDS!

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