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Behavioral Health Services

The earlier a child’s behavioral needs can be assessed and addressed, the more successful that child will be throughout their life.

Our Behavioral Health program serves over 230 children and their families throughout Santa Clara counties with the goal of children and parents living their best life.

Effective behavioral health programs have reverberating impacts throughout the community. When a single child’s needs are met, classrooms become a more productive learning space for all children. When parents are given the tools they need, the home environment becomes more harmonious for the entire family.

Some indicators that your child could benefit from our Mental Health program include:

  • Having trouble getting along with their peers
  • Experiencing challenges separating from parents or other adults
  • Hurting themselves
  • Hurting others
  • Feeling afraid easily

Our highly skilled Behavioral Health specialists are able to identify and diagnose children at the most crucial time in their development. Our holistic approach provides in-home visitations, trainings with parent/caregivers and teachers, parent-child therapy, developmental screenings and assessment services, and behavioral intervention. We also offer support services for teachers and families. Our success is measured by the success of our families – parents who are able to enjoy their children, and children who are able to express themselves in productive ways.

To participate in Kidango’s Behavioral Health program, children must be referred by the county in which they are seeking services.

Santa Clara County

  • Serves children ages birth – 5 yrs
  • Must be a MediCal beneficiary to qualify
If you are interested in services in Santa Clara County, please contact Anna Davila at (408) 515-9087. Please have your MediCal number available.
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