Infant and Toddler Care Full-Day Program | Kidango

Infant & Toddler Care

Children are born with the desire and the capacity to learn.  At Kidango, we nurture your child’s curiosity during the earliest stages of brain development.


Like all of Kidango’s programs, infant and toddler care is provided for free or at a significantly reduced rate to income-eligible families.  This is made possible by funding from the federal Early Head Start program and the California General Child Care program.


  • Teacher/infant ratio – 1:3
  • Healthy formula and baby food provided with no cost to parents
  • Full-Day Program

Our infant programs create a homelike environment while incorporating sensory and motor experiences. Our caregivers engage your baby by talking, singing songs and reading to promote language development and sensory perception. Teachers spend quality time with each child to appreciate the uniqueness of each child’s personality, culture, and background.

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Our toddlers engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to promote their individuality as well as their intellectual, social-emotional, sensory, and physical development. Classrooms are open learning spaces, full of engaging toys and materials that create an environment rich with learning experiences. Teachers in our toddler rooms encourage children to initiate conversation with a focus on language and social-emotional development.

Find  a Kidango toddler center near you today!

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