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Voting to Be a Voice for My Children

By Lissete Frausto


I have been an Oakland resident for 29 years. I was born and raised in Oakland. I am also a mother of two young children. This will be my first year registered as a voter and I’m excited to vote for the first time in the November 3 election. The reason that made me want to register to vote was to have my opinions and voice counted and have my children matter. I have decided to vote to be the voice for my children and their future and so that we have elected officials that will advocate for better benefits for children and families. I also decided to vote because I would like to see investments in early childhood education. 


Personally I have experienced early childhood education for both my children and it has been the best decision that I could have made to start their education at an early age because they will be set for kindergarten but also for the rest of their lives through education. Both my children have learned how to socialize and engage with their peers and teachers and learn their letters, numbers, colors, shapes and much more and also how to write their name. It has also helped them with their speech delays. I would also like to see more resources in our communities especially communities that are low income or that are communities with different racial groups. Not only does my vote and voice matter but my children’s voices and needs also matter. I encourage everyone to register and vote so that we can be a part of a change for our communities and also for the future of our children.


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