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Our Results

Kidango is committed to evaluating the impacts of our programs to ensure a high-quality service that fully prepares children for Kindergarten. We work internally as well as with external partners to analyze the effects of our programs, enabling a process of continuous quality improvement.

During school year 2016-17 we worked with Applied Survey Research (ASR) in their study on the school readiness of children in San Jose’s Alum Rock district. Utilizing the Kindergarten Observation Form 2016, Kidango children were shown to be significantly more ready for school than children with no preschool or Transitional Kindergarten experience across all domains (self-regulation, social expression, academics).

Our Results

Average Readiness Levels

by Kidango Preschool Experience




In addition to a higher average readiness level, a higher proportion of children who attended Kidango were fully ready for Kindergarten in one ore more domains:


Percentage of Children Ready for Kindergarten

By Kidango Preschool Experience


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