Lissa's Story

I love your organization. I am a single mother of four children, three of which I adopted. My youngest is four [years old] Christopher, who attends Kidango. Ms. Balwinder, Ms. Shou and Ms. Sheila are some of the nicest, loving, and kind teachers. My son was in a family day care since he was three months. The agency cut off money that he was getting for daycare. So he was out of day care for several months and he was a mess. Thank God For Kidango. He is so structured now and back on a schedule. He loves getting up and going to school always. This is due to the fact that the ladies above have made his transition so smooth!!

To really know that when I drop off my precious baby that he is loved and cared for is just so heart felt to me. God bless all of you!!

Very Sincerely and with Best Regards
Lissa Brown