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Children served every day through Kidango


Of families served receive free or reduced-cost childcare


Child care centers located throughout the Bay Area

At Kidango, we want every child to reach their full potential. That’s why we are so passionate about providing high quality early learning services to the children who need it most.  Both research and common sense tells us that a child’s early life experiences have a huge impact on their future well being.  But the high cost of preschool and child care leaves many families without a quality option.  With many parents working multiple jobs with long commutes just to get by, the stress on Bay Area families has never been higher.  Kidango is the place that 4,000 Bay Area families trust to take care of their youngest children.  This trust is the foundation upon which we build a partnership with parents, one that will help prepare their children for success in school and life.

While we are the largest provider of preschool in the Bay Area, we offer so much more.  For children who need it, we have a team of early intervention and early childhood behavioral health specialists that work in a child’s classroom or their home.  We make nearly 6,000 delicious, healthy meals every day.  Our family advocates and enrollment specialists help families access all the services they have available to them, such as affordable health care, dental care, housing, job training and other supports.

At each of our 50+ child care centers, our dedicated staff ensure all children are given the love, nutrition, and learning opportunities needed to develop the early language, math, and social-emotional skills that build the foundation for later success in school and in life.

We take a holistic approach to supporting every child’s development. The effect of providing childcare to deserving families is far-reaching, strengthening not only individual families but the entire community as a whole. We are proud to support Bay Area families, and passionately committed to closing the school readiness gap before it becomes the school achievement gap.

We are a team of 500 strong, proud to be serving Bay Area families for 40 years.  Join us by enrolling your child, applying for a job, or supporting us as a volunteer or donor!

Our Stories

Alajandra’s Story

When you meet Alajandra, she has a glow about her. She is warm and enthusiastic. She loves her family, her work and life. She’s passionate about where her future is headed and she’s excited to be working toward her goals.…
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Lissa's Story

I love your organization. I am a single mother of four children, three of which I adopted. My youngest is four [years old] Christopher, who attends Kidango. Ms. Balwinder, Ms. Shou and Ms. Sheila are some of the nicest, loving,…
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Mariana’s Story

Mariana* was a teen parent dropping out of high school. Kidango enrolled her child in preschool, with free tuition. With the peace of mind that Kidango was caring for, nurturing, and educating her child, Mariana returned to school herself—graduating on…
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Our Super Tasty Nutrition Program

We’ve got a lot cooking in our kitchen! Our Nutrition Program exceeds state and federal guidelines, ensuring your child receives the freshest and  tastiest meals and snacks.

Why Early Ed?

Early Education matters for your child’s future.  High quality early learning helps ensure your child enters kindergarten with all of the tools to be successful.

Our Curriculum

At Kidango, we encourage curiosity, exploration, and conversation. Your child will also be learning and growing because at Kidango, we work with your child to design our curriculum around their interests.  Early development is crucial for later success, and we want your child to soar.

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