Rosa's Story

about CFS, a program within Kidango:

My name is Rosa Arguelles. This letter is in regards to my experience with Community Family Services. I became a mother at the age of 22. I was a single mother trying to support my daughter with very little income. I was living with my parents who did what they could to help me, but financially I had to do what I could for my daughter and me.

Times were very tough and when it came time to find childcare for my daughter, I could not afford it. What I made at the time wasn’t enough. I heard about Community Family Services through a relative of mine. I signed up for the program right away. My daughter was placed in a daycare, and it was very affordable. I couldn’t believe it. My daughter was not only looked after while I was at work, but she was potty trained and learned her ABC’s there. She loved it! She was well taken care of and I was relieved to know that someone from Community Family Services would visit the daycare to make sure that everything was running fine. When Christmas came around, the children in the daycare were adopted from people in the community. My daughter, Larissa, came home with so many presents. Just to see her face when she opened those presents brought tears to my eyes. I could only give her what I could, but it was nice to know that people out there cared about these children, and they were willing to give what they could for them. After a couple of years, I started making more money at my job and Larissa started kindergarten, so I took her out of the program.

I know how hard it is being a single parent and I know there are a lot of single parents out there that need the help and get the help from you. I received so much help through you, and I am thankful to all of you and what you do for the community.

I just recently got married and had twins. We are now able to give Larissa and our sons what they need (even though Larissa wants everything), and we are very happy. We have our health and financially we are doing well.

This year my husband and I decided to give back to Community Family Services. We both work together at 21st Century Insurance in San Jose. We got together with other coworkers and decided to collect money and food to make meal boxes for Thanksgiving for families. Everyone pulled through and we were able to make enough food boxes for 14 families. For Christmas, we decided to adopt a few families and give them presents. I am grateful that we have such a giving staff here at 21st Century and that my husband and I could give back.

This is my way of saying THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!


Rosa and Marc