Rhonda’s Story

Rhonda Santoni and her four children have been enrolled at Kidango Rix since 2009 and have gone through our toddler program and preschool program. When she started in our program she was going through the adoption procedure for these four who are now officially Santoni’s!. In the process she has since added two other children to her family as foster children and she is currently in the process of adopting them and making them Santoni’s as well. Rhonda immediately enrolled these two children here at the Rix center in 2013 and they too have gone through the toddler and preschool programs.

Rhonda is a single mother to these six children and is an inspiration to me and to many others. Being a foster parent comes with many challenges and appointments and through it all Rhonda and her six children always are at school on time, clean, happy and ready to learn. Rhonda is very dedicated to her children and enjoys being a part of the activities in their rooms(open houses, parent involvement, etc.) and events the program holds( family socials, school readiness etc.) you will always find the family here participating.

Throughout my five years here at Rix I have been blessed to be involved in this families lives and have seen how appreciative they are as a whole family for being able to come to a place where they are safe, cared for and in a positive learning environment. Knowing that her six children are truly cared for each day enables Rhonda to go to work and be able to provide for her family which she is truly thankful for. She couldn’t ask for more then she gets surprised by the blessings of donations to her children through Carter’s, Toy’s R Us etc and her heart just seems to melt. Rhonda is a very strong person but when the main office and the staff her think of her and her family she has broken into tears that were so heartfelt and genuine. It has been so amazing to watch these little ones grow and blossom into such amazing young children.

–Jennifer Ralph, Master Teacher at Kidango Rix Center