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Staff Events

Wellness Day

Once a year, we close every Kidango center and invite all 500+ staff from across the organization to Wellness Day. The day-long event gives everyone a chance to be with colleagues they may not see otherwise. Our leadership team begin the day by recapping the year and talking about our plans for the future, before staff break off into sessions for the rest of the day. Each member of staff can sign up for three sessions, including yoga, self-defense, nutrition, financial literacy and painting. The goal of the day is to ensure all team members have the tools they need to do well physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.



GEM Dinner

The GEM dinner is an opportunity for staff to nominate their colleagues to win an award for “Going the Extra Mile”. All staff are encouraged to nominate someone, and to go into detail into why that colleague deserves recognition. The Kidango executive team goes through each nomination and picks out 10 winners, who are invited along with their families to an awards dinner. The member of staff who nominated them reads out their reasons before presenting the award. The GEM dinner has been held annually for three years, with the number of nominations increasing each time.


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