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Make Childcare Essential- Yvonne's Story

Every child in this country deserves quality education.

As a former Kidango Parent I think it is essential that every child receives quality education and quality childcare. Not everyone is able to afford private preschool or a home based daycare. We found ourselves in this situation, as my husband lost his good paying job and we couldn’t survive anymore with only one salary. So I was forced to find a job as well, since we were now depending on two incomes. None of us have family here, I needed childcare, but we couldn’t afford $350 or more per week for daycare and I won’t even start talking about the amount that private preschools are asking for.

Then I heard from friends about Kidango. I was very skeptical in the beginning, because I had a completely wrong image in my head about low income care. It was our only chance at this time to eventually get childcare so I could go work and prevent us from being homeless (you can find yourself in a situation like this quicker than you might think). I did my research and found a center close to where we live. At Kidango Chynoweth, I went to see the Center Director, Virginia Fagundes. She was very welcoming and gave me all the information needed to apply. She gave me a tour through the center and I met some of the teachers. All my sorrows and worries were gone from this moment on.

Our application got through and my son was able to start in the following week, he was 18 month at this time. The first week was hard for both of us, but I felt good about this decision. Communication between parents and teachers and also center management was so amazing and I was able to follow every step of my son’s day. This changed our life, to know that my child is receiving quality care and I don’t need to worry about him. I joined the parent council meetings from our school and soon became a representative. What I liked most about this program was definitely the excellent education that my child was offered and the parents involvement. Even as a parent, we were receiving meetings about very important topics like nutrition etc. My son was growing so much at this time, he learned social emotional skills and so much more.

Now, my son goes to TK and is able to write his name all by himself and knows his entire ABC and counts with little help to 100. This is impressive and I will be forever grateful that we as a family were offered this opportunity. The entire curriculum is age appropriate and children are so well taken care of in any direction. Every family should get this opportunity, especially low income families. We NEED quality childcare not only TK. Lots of families depend on a second income and rely on affordable but quality childcare. Every single child deserves quality childcare and quality education, regardless of income. This will impact our future. Children that receive quality care will more likely go to college, more likely be good at school, and their path will be preselected for a better future. Our future is our children. Our family wouldn’t be where we are now, without this program. I’m telling the truth, this opportunity was essential for us to survive and I’m sure and certain it is for so many other families too. And I can’t thank God enough for this opportunity we were given. My child and I made new friends through this program and Jamie grew and learned at an enormous speed. I believe it is important for children to start their path in the future here. It will impact them later on in a positive way.

I think SB 50 would open more doors for parents to get their child into this essential program. They don’t need to worry if they make enough money- more or less to get through the qualifications process. Low income families suffer enough and are having hard times to afford childcare. This bill would make the access easier and parents could both work while they have their peace of mind, that their child is in excellent hands and receives quality education and care.

❤️A forever grateful Mom

-Yvonne, Parent, San Jose

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