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Kidango Counts

10 Minutes of your time. 10 Billion dollars. 10 years.

Only 10 minutes of your time can help secure 10 billion dollars over the next 10 years for California. Help get all of Kidango counted and ensure funds for our families, community, and vital public services.

Getting counted helps provide:
  1. More affordable housing
  2. Stronger schools
  3. Safer neighborhoods
  4. Better health care
  5. And more!

To participate in our Kidango Counts Contest simply:

  1. Choose someone to represent your Kidango Center or Department Team (Center Directors for Kidango Centers,  One person for each OWS department)
  2. Enter the name of your Kidango Center or Department
  3. Choose your Stadium and Division corresponding to your Center or Department
  4. Enter the number of individuals in your center or department who you’ve spoken to about completing the census and have pledged to be counted.


Join us on Wednesday, April 1st for National Census Day where we will announce the winners of the contest!

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