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Kidango’s strategy is to affect change at every level, from our children and families and our teachers and staff, to the larger public policies and systems that impact them.

That is why each year we sponsor state legislation to make critical changes to public policy to improve the lives of children.

In 2016, we sponsored Assembly Bill 2368 (Gordon) in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education. AB 2368 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2016. It expands access and increases funding levels for State Preschool and other early learning programs for low income families in Santa Clara county.

In 2017, we sponsored Assembly Bill 752 (Rubio). AB 752 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2017. It bars state-subsidized preschool programs from expelling kids unless an exhaustive process aimed at supporting the child and family is followed first.

In 2018, we sponsored Assembly Bill 2698 (Rubio). AB 2698 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2018. A follow-up to 2017’s legislation, AB 2698 provides teachers with the most proven intervention to lower preschool expulsion: early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC). ECMHC empowers teachers with the knowledge of how to support children’s social-emotional development and promote positive behavior. The goal is not to simply lower preschool expulsions, but address the underlying issues that lead to it, thereby helping children be successful later in school and life.

For more information about advocacy at Kidango, please contact Michele Stillwell-Parvensky, VP Advocacy & Policy, at

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