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AB 1361 – Prohibiting Expulsion in Early Learning

Kidango is proud to co-sponsor AB 1361 by Assemblymember Blanca Rubio to prohibit suspension and expulsion in preschool and child care programs and strengthen early childhood mental health consultation.

AB 1361 builds equitable learning environments for all students and eliminate exclusionary practices that contribute to the preschool to prison pipeline and seriously harm student outcomes.

By supporting educators and eliminating exclusionary policies that disproportionately harm young learners of color, AB 1361 benefits the entire community by acting against implicit and explicit factors causing students to miss time from the early learning and care setting.

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Author: Assemblymember Blanca Rubio
Joint Co-authors: Assemblymembers McCarty, Quirk-Silva
Principal Co-authors: Senator Rubio
Co-authors: Assemblymembers Rivas, Villapudua and Senators Pan and Wiener

Kidango (Sponsor)
Black Men for Educational Equity (Sponsor)
Santa Clara County Office of Education (Sponsor)

Current Status: Set for hearing in the Assembly Education Committee on April 28th


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